TBS Channel Live Free

TBS is an American TV network that is held by the Turner Broadcasting System, a namesake subsidiary serving as a part of AT&T’s WarnerMedia. It carries a difference of programming, with a focus on comedy, simultaneously with some sports events, including Major League Baseball and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. As of September 2018, TBS was obtained by almost 90.391 million households that subscribe to a pay-TV service throughout the United States.

TBS was initially founded on December 17, 1976, as the national feed of Turner’s Atlanta, Georgia, independent TV station, WTCG. The decision to begin offering WTCG via satellite transmission to cable and satellite subscribers throughout the United States extended the small station into the first nationally ordered “superstition.” With the assignment of WTBS as the broadcast station’s call letters in 1979, the national feed became known as SuperStation WTBS, and later SuperStation TBS, TBS Superstation, or just TBS. The channel broadcast a difference of programming during this era, including movies, associated series, and sports.