Freeform Channel Live Free

Freeform is an American pay-TV channel that is held by the Disney–ABC Television Group division of The Walt Disney Company. Freeform originally airs programming geared toward teens and young adults – with some programming skewing toward young women – in the 14–34 age range, a target demographic assigned by the channel as “becomers.” Its programming includes simultaneous off-network syndicated reruns and original series, feature films, and made-for-TV original films.

Since the network was originated on April 29, 1977, it has experienced various changes to its programming format and naming under its four separate owners. The network was established as a religious channel, the CBN Satellite Service—an extension of televangelist Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network. It grew into a family-focused entertainment network in 1981, and was spun off into a for-profit company known as International Family Entertainment (IFE) in 1990, finally becoming known as The Family Channel. As a condition of the spin-off, the channel was contractually needed to maintain airings of The 700 Club and a yearly telethon; these conditions have applied to all later owners of the channel.