AMC Live

AMC is an American cable and satellite television channel. The station is possessed by AMC Networks and affectation TV programs and motion pictures. AMC represents American Movie Classics, which the station was first based around.


In 1984 on October 1, the AMC TV slot publicized for the time as a top-notch station, indicating just film works of art. It was on at night, and often held extraordinary occasions, for example, long-distance races and in some cases motion pictures that by and large weren’t disclosed as works of art. In 1988 it had been recorded that AMC had 39 million endorsers in the United States, making it a standout amongst the most bought into premium channels. After two years, in 1990, AMC began airing 24 hours and had been grabbed by most link suppliers.

The Best Current AMC Shows

  • Preacher
  • Breaking Bad
  • The Walking Dead
  • Better Call Saul
  • Broken Trail
  • Freakshow 
  • Mad Men

Source: wikipedia